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Feed your head

For those faithful readers, I wanted to take this opportunity to tie together a few of my recent topics, and offer some practical solutions to a modern conundrum. As everyone knows, a conundrum is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. But this should not daunt those of you with insatiable curiosity and loads of spare time. Continue reading

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Luck be a lady

In recent weeks, I’ve noticed unprecedented public outrage directed at insurer AIG. I get that people are angry about how a group of morally bankrupt executives are rewarding themselves at taxpayer expense after selling the world economy down the river. AIG was just one participant in this race to the bottom, but I think there is a special hatred for the company because it is the most visible symbol of what has really been destroying the American economy for years: health insurance. Continue reading

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Suffering in comfort

UnboundedLife is my exploration of personal freedom, and a key aspect of this is wellness. I like to think about it as freedom to consciously choose and be accountable for the quality of our life. There is so much confusion about wellness in modern society, because it has become a huge industry, and there are so many corporations, trade groups and special interests, bombarding us with false choices, all trying to sell us wellness. Continue reading

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At the Heart of Being Busy

There’s a movement I came across called heart-based living. I found it on a website called Heartmath. The Heartmath organization says it’s “dedicated to enhance people’s well being by helping them live a heart-directed life.” Though I don’t exactly understand it, I thought this was an interesting way to talk about wellness and reducing stress. There’s no mention of the usual expert recommendations of better managing time, getting organized, thinking positively or practicing mental relaxation techniques. Continue reading

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